Over the next several months, I’m going to give you my Top 12 Reasons for you to move to the glorious area of La Quinta, California. 

As a realtor, one of main job functions is to understand the quality of life in our nine desert towns, from Palm Springs to Indio. As an avid bicyclist and outdoor enthusiast, La Quinta offers so much.  

Reason Number One: 

 Bicycle Riding –  The City of La Quinta has the BEST roads for bicycle riding in the Coachella Valley for both serious and leisure riders whether in the bike lanes or on the sidewalk.

La Quinta takes pride by cleaning the bike lanes every two weeks keeping the well-marked lanes glass and debris FREE. Motorists are used to seeing bicyclists on the roads therefore, one can leisurely pursue their activity without concern.  

For reason number two — which by the way is why I ride, go for hikes and exercise, check out my FAVE bakery!